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Accounting Software has come a long way over the last decades. With the introduction of computers and the internet, old-school ledgers and paper-based systems have now been gradually replaced with cloud-based accounting solutions.

Cloud-based accounting solutions are more flexible with real-time accounting data accessed from anywhere on any device with an internet connection. Having said so, finding the right accounting software to use is always a critical and challenging decision for a business. Each software includes a different set of features and offers multiple price ranges depending upon the features. Selecting the best among hundreds of software in the market is never easy.

The two big players in the Australian accounting market are Xero and MYOB. Both are powerful and responsive solutions that offer easy and effective ways to manage accounting and payroll processes for businesses.

A brief history of Xero and MYOB

Cloud has indeed revolutionized the accounting system and process. Prior to the introduction of cloud-based accounting, the dominant player in the Australian small to medium-based businesses was computer-based accounting software MYOB. It is one of the preferred accounting software in Australia since the 1980s.

Due to its slow movement in the cloud-based industry Xero emerged as prominent software attracting many small to medium business owners. New Zealand Tech entrepreneur Rod Drury founded Xero in 2006.

Later MYOB too released its cloud-based offering with MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight. With the increasing popularity of this two software, people are enhancing their knowledge of this software through MYOB and Xero training.

The head-to-head comparison

Let’s now look at the comparison between Xero and MYOB to understand which software will be best for the business as they both provide similar services:


Features Xero MYOB
Number of company account One per subscription Up to two company accounts with Premier AccountRight Subscription.
Sign-up & installation Fast and easy online process Easy sign up process but for the advance feature like inventory dedicated software is required which is compatible only in Windows.
Connectivity with other data sources Users can connect their online bank accounts and get daily transactions imported in Xero automatically. It also has integration with various other applications like Google apps. Do not have the feature of importing the daily transaction directly from the bank accounts. Lacks the connectivity with other data sources.
Storage In Xero data are stored in remote servers and even if the subscription is cancelled the data are available for seven years for download. For the desktop version MYOB the data needs to be backed up. In MYOB the data can be downloaded from MYOB’s cloud after installing the AccountRight.
Cost Pricing for Xero is comparatively complicated than MYOB. There are different price ranges for Xero depending upon the features and number of employees like $25, $50, and $60 per month. The subscription for MYOB is for unlimited number of staffs.
Security In Xero the two-step authentication is used for the security purpose mainly to prevent the data breach.

Xero is certified in Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) and SOC2.

In MYOB we can use the password protection for the data and restrict the unauthorised use.



MYOB does not have this feature.

Time Xero is browser-based software and it can be used from any part of the world and the performance of Xero is faster. In Xero, multiple tabs can be opened. The desktop version of MYOB needs to install in the desktop and needs to be operated from there. Only one activity can be performed in the MYOB. Whereas in Xero multiple tabs can be opened.
Mobile app iPhone and Android iPhone and Android
Foreign Currency Multi currency support available on premium plan and the foreign exchange rate are calculated in real time Does not support foreign currency.
Invoicing Invoice layouts can be customised and can track when the recipients open invoices. Invoice layouts can be customised and can track when the recipients open invoices. Advance customization is only available using MYOB AccountRight.
Bank Reconciliation In Xero we can link the bank account and get an automatic bank feed which makes the bank reconciliation much easier and one can do the reconciliation on daily basis rather than to wait for a month time. In MYOB Account Right there is similar facility, but Xero is much convenient in the bank reconciliation.

As the first mover in the cloud accounting space, Xero remains the dominant leader in the Australian market. It has been basically designed in a simple and easy to best suit for small and medium-sized businesses, not just to the cloud but also to a business user, rather than accountant first user experience.

For larger businesses that require additional features such as job tracking, purchase orders, and advanced inventory tracking, MYOB’s AccountRight can cover all of the bases. With the features like connectivity, accessibility from anywhere, easy interface, and many other features MYOB still has a long way to catch up, however, Xero lacks the complexity to manage larger business processes and requirements.

When it comes to deciding on which accounting software to choose, it is important to know that there are no right or wrong decisions. Both of them are powerful and responsive accounting software that helps to streamline and simplify your accounting process.

What does the future hold?

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