Student Rights

Student Rights

Student Rights as a Consumer

Learners have the right to factual and accurate information about Blue Lotus College’s courses before making an enrolment decision. It is important to read the prospectus and any course documentation carefully before registering. You must make sure that the course meets your requirements and that you fully understand your obligations as a student.

Blue Lotus College’s Fee Payment and Refund Policy, along with the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure does not affect a Learner’s rights to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

If you change your mind: If you enroll in a course and decide that you do not want to continue your studies, or you wish to withdraw from the course, you can do so by notifying us up to 10 days after enrolment (cooling off period). Any changes to your enrolment should be made before the course start date to avoid incurring additional fees. Please refer to Blue Lotus College’s Refund Policy for more details.

Media Consent

From time to time, college staff may request to take photographs and videos or conduct verbal or written interviews and testimonials of students at Blue Lotus College. This material may be used in classrooms, at on-the-job work activities, or published in print, digital, or broadcast media. These sources may include the student magazine, websites, television, YouTube, social media platforms, newsletters, displays, journals, professional development materials for trainers, and marketing collateral. Staff may also at times request that students provide any of their own similar materials for the same purposes.

The Enrolment Form includes the opportunity for you to deny permission for Blue Lotus College to use any representation of your time here for promotional purposes. Please be sure to read this section of the Enrolment Form carefully. Consent can also subsequently be given at a later date via a Media Consent Form.