Leadership and Governance

VET Academic Board

Blue Lotus College (BLC) is committed to enhancing the role of education as students navigate their way through life, become productive members of their communities, and fulfil their life goals. Towards this end, the Academic Board has been established to provide advice, guidance and monitor the Professional standards of trainers, the curriculum, and focus on producing a high-level and valuable student Vocational Education experience.

BLC needed a body which was greater than one individual to consider and make key decisions regarding all academic and operational matters which relate to the Vocational Education dimension of BLC.

Why VET Academic Board?

The purpose of the Academic Board is to oversee all aspects of the academic experience for BLC’s students. The prime objective is Maintaining Academic Excellence and the integrity of BLC’s Academic Operations.

The holistic quality of BLC’s training programs and the achievement of BLC’s Vocational Education goals will form a key part of the Board’s activities.

The Board will consider the needs of all BLC’s key stakeholders in making its recommendations and decisions relating to the quality of delivery of current and future Vocational Education programs.

The main functions of Board members will be to provide their academic and administrative expertise in the formation of short and long-term goals for BLC Vocational Education, as well as applying their skills to the development and implementation of appropriate policies and procedures.

The Board will have an oversight and monitoring function in relation to Academic and Administrative matters concerning students.

BLC’s VET Academic Board meets quarterly to make decisions on Policy and Procedural matters brought before it, as well as advising on Strategic Direction for the college. Student welfare and student academic success is one of the primary concerns of the Board.

Composition of VET Academic Board

Board Member Name Board Member Position
Paul Tero Chairman
Rajesh Acharya Secretary
Shanon Warwick Member

Paul Tero

Chairman, Academic Advisor/ Strategic Advisor

Paul has a breadth of experience across information technology, education and economic development. His career spans a number of industry sectors within these fields at various organisational levels. For over 30 years his understanding of these and related fields has been enhanced by direct involvement in them across Australia, the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

He consults, speaks, teaches and writes about the areas of IT, leadership, knowledge economy, strategic thinking and the future.

He holds master’s degrees in business administration (Technology Management), International Business, and Strategic Foresight. Paul is also a member of the Australian Computer Society, the Association of Professional Futurists, Economic Development Australia, International Economic Development Council and the Professional Speakers Association. He is currently pursuing a PhD focused on economic development strategies and the industries of the future.

Rajesh Acharya CA

Chief Executive Officer

Rajesh Acharya is an experienced chartered accountant, entrepreneur, and business manager. Rajesh has 25 years of career history in education, Government Department, banks, public sector enterprises, multinational companies, and public practices. In 2007, Rajesh moved to Australia as a skilled migrant along with his wife. A father of two children, Rajesh believes in giving back to the community. He is actively involved in many philanthropic projects in Australia and overseas. He served as the treasurer and president of Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre. Rajesh and his younger brother Pushkar Acharya were involved in a private education institute in his country of birth, Nepal. Pushkar who was the director and principal of the institute passed away in 2006 at the young age of 28. Blue Lotus College was established by Rajesh in 2019 in loving memory of his brother. As the Chief Executive Officer and Sole Director, he is responsible for the strategic direction, finance, marketing, and overall management of Blue Lotus College.

Rajesh Acharya

Shannon Warwick


Shannon Warwick has worked in Higher Education and the TAFE sector for over a decade. Her expertise is in Project Management with a particular focus on stakeholder management. Shannon has been involved in lecturing, tutoring, course development and industry consulting and has many years of experience working as a Project Manager in the commercial construction industry. Shannon is currently undertaking research in the construction management field as part of completing a PhD.