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    Last updated date: 7 July 2024 By : BLC

    Working Hours for International Students in Australia 2024

    Australia has always been one of the most preferred countries by international students due to its world-class education, multicultural environment, and the possibility of working there.

    We all know that working hours and regulations are significant for any international student looking to manage their academic and financial commitments effectively

    This blog describes the current working hours and the new rules that took effect in 2024, among other relevant details.

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    Understanding International Student Working Hours

    International students holding a student visa, subclass 500, can take up part-time jobs alongside their studies. A standard work limitation for the visa holder in this category is up to 48 hours per fortnight during the academic session and unlimited hours during the holiday breaks. This flexibility supports finance through the course and provides an opportunity to gain valuable work experience within Australia.

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    International Student Working Hours During Holidays

    During school breaks that are/were recognised, international students can work unlimited hours. That could be one excellent way for students may save much money, gain more experience, and benefit from having more hours on their resume


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    International Student Working

    State-Wise Working Hours Regulations For International Students

    Although the general rules for student working hours are 38 hours in a week consistent throughout the country, some states may attach additional requirements or offer support services for international students. Students should inquire from the local authorities or a student’s institution regarding state-specific guidelines and opportunities.

    New Rules on Working Hours for International Students 2024

    The Australian government has introduced new regulations regarding the balance between study and work for international students in 2024. These are in efforts to ensure that students primarily focus on their studies while still being open to enhancing themselves by financing their expenses individually.


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    Key Changes Include:

    1. Work hour limits:
    The term-time 48-hour-per-fortnight cap remains but with much tighter mechanisms for enforcement and compliance monitoring

    2. Holiday Work:
    During the holidays, the student can work unlimited hours with the report to be filed by an employer before the relevant authorities.

    3. Sector-Specific Rules:
    Industry-specific rules, such as in aged care, may require more work hours when the demand is high.

    Work Restrictions and Penalties For International Students in 2024

    This, therefore, means international students have to take these work restrictions seriously. Exceeding the number of hours legally stipulated to work has severe consequences that may involve revoking one’s visa. This, therefore, is a call for duty to the employers and students also to observe the regulations.


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    Working on ABN: Can You Work More Than 48 Hours per Fortnight?

    An Australian Business Number allows people to work as independent contractors. While this may be more convenient, it only allows overseas students to work a maximum of 48 hours in any given fortnight during academic terms. Similar penalties apply if these hours are exceeded, including visa problems.

    Consequences of Working More than Allowed Hours

    Overworking is an offence that international students must be cautious about because it can result in heavy penalties if they work more hours than permitted:

    – Visa Cancellation:
    A violation of work conditions can lead to visa cancellation, which also means deportation.

    – Fines and Penalties:
    Fines may be imposed on the student and the employer

    – Damage to
    The chances of getting approval for a future visa application will be reduced by the act of violation


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    How to Balance Work and Study Effectively— Some Tips

    1. Time Management:
    Schedule your work around classes and studying

    2. Know Your Rights:
    Knowing your rights about work and working conditions will save you much potential exploitation

    3. Identify sources of help:
    Make use of support services provided by the university for seeking jobs and knowing work regulations


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    Properly working in Australia as an international student means keeping track of working hours and the associated regulations. Knowing fully the rules, complying, and striking a balance between work and study will make students’ experience in Australia very rewarding since they attain essential work experience while supporting themselves financially. Be updated about the current changes and advice from reliable sources for a successful and enriching study experience here in Australia.