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    Last updated date: 8 August 2023 By : BLC

    Mastering English with Blue Lotus College’s ELICOS Program

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of students come to Australia as international students. Owing to the diverse world we live in, these students come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and languages.

    While Australia is very welcoming to these students and their backgrounds, English is the medium of instruction at all if not most Australian institutions. As a result, students accustomed to their native language may find it difficult to complete their course in English.

    For students who are struggling with their English language skills, the ELICOS Programme at Blue Lotus College is the ideal place to begin their student journey in Australia.

    What is the ELICOS Program and Why Choose Blue Lotus College?

    ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) is an English language course designed for students to learn English before beginning their formal course in Australia. The course focuses primarily on four components mainly: listening, speaking, writing, and reading in English. To pursue ELICOS, students must either be on a student or a tourist visa.

    There are mainly four types of ELICOS courses:

    • General English: This course focuses on improving the general English skills of students in areas such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
    •  English for Academic Purposes (EAP): Likewise, EAP focuses on preparing international students to enhance their English language skills to comply with the academic requirements of their chosen course in Australia.
    • English for Specific Purposes: On the other hand, English for a specific purpose aims to prepare students better understand English in particular fields such as tourism, nursing, business and others. The focus is on communication and language requirements in a specific professional field.
    • Exam Preparation: This type of ELICOS is designed for students who are visiting Australia to pursue an official degree or to prepare for an exam.

    In terms of duration, while the General English course lasts anywhere between 1-72 weeks, other courses can be completed within 5-10 weeks.

    While the course is available at several institutes, the ELICOS Program at Blue Lotus College is truly beneficial to students looking to improve their English proficiency. With highly skilled trainers and an exceptional learning environment, students are taught to succeed in a highly competitive Australian educational environment.

    How the ELICOS Program Prepares You for Academic Success

    As most international students do not speak English natively, they are required to obtain specific IELTS/PTE/TOEFL scores to meet the language requirements for their chosen degree at Australian institutes. And while some students perform well on these English proficiency tests, others struggle to achieve the required equivalent, preventing them from enrolling in the university/college of their choice.

    This is where an ELICOS programme can help students prepare for academic success. Upon the successful completion of the recommended ELICOS course, students can expect their IELTS score to improve by 0.5 per every 10 weeks of study.

    Strategies to Enhance English Language Proficiency

    While there are no hard and fast rules for improving one’s English language skills, here are some tips and tricks that can help:

    •  Immerse yourself in the language.
    •  Practice speaking the language regularly, especially by conversing with native speakers.
    • Expand your vocabulary by learning new words and phrases every day.
    •  Improve your writing skills by keeping a journal, blogs and essays.
    •  Do not put off learning grammar rules.
    •  Learn from your mistakes.
    • Be patient and persistent.

    Experiencing Cultural Exchange at Blue Lotus College

    Studying ELICOS at Blue Lotus College provides students with a unique opportunity to experience cultural exchange with fellow students firsthand. Through this immersive language course, students from diverse backgrounds come together, fostering a vibrant cultural environment. Moreover, interacting with other students from different countries and participating in language activities allows for a better understanding of different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Hence, this enriching experience at Blue Lotus College not only improves the student’s English language skills but also provides opportunities for new friendships and global connections.

    How to Apply for the ELICOS Program at Blue Lotus College

    Getting admission to study an ELICOS Program at Blue Lotus College is pretty straightforward. However, the duration of the course is determined by the individual and their current level of English language proficiency. Thus, we recommend contacting us at or (03) 9349 2513 for more information to get you started.