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    Last updated date: 8 August 2023 By : BLC

    Advantages of Vocational Education and Training (VET) at Blue Lotus College

    In today’s world, we are fortunate to have abundant choices. Whether it’s pursuing a hobby or deciding on a career path, the possibilities are endless. In fact, there are over 20 thousand colleges and universities all over the globe, all attempting to cater to the diverse needs of millions of students worldwide.

     In this sea of thousands of institutes, choosing to study at a particular institute may put many students in a dilemma. This is especially true when it comes to deciding between vocational training (VET) or academic studies. While academic studies consist of a variety of subjects that may or may not be directly related to the student’s major, VET, on the other hand, provides students with hands-on skills in a specific field, making them “job ready” upon graduation.

    While academic courses have their own pros and cons, in this blog, we will dive into the advantages of VET Courses at Blue Lotus College.

    Overview of VET Courses at Blue Lotus College

    Established in 2018, Blue Lotus College (BLC) is a Registered Training Organisation that provides some of Australia’s best VET courses. With a focus on world-class education, BLC is renowned for its small class size to cater to students on an individual basis, modern amenities and exceptionally skilled trainers. The programs provided at BLC offer a pathway to higher education through the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

    The VET courses at Blue Lotus College are diverse and cater to students from all backgrounds. The most popular courses at BLC are:

    Benefits of Vocational Training for Career Advancement

    With an unemployment rate of almost 6% and tough competition all around us, it is vital we develop transferable skills to secure the job of our dreams. And while academic courses are certainly valued all over the world, the world we live in today places a premium on skill over knowledge. This is where Vocational Training comes into play.

    There are numerous benefits of studying VET courses for career advancement. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

    • Specialised skills
    • Faster Entry into the workforce
    • Cheaper in comparison to traditional academic courses
    • High demand for skilled workers (owing to shortage of skilled professionals)
    •  Career Flexibility
    • Industry-relevant curriculum
    • Job Security
    • Options for continuing education

    How VET Courses Enhance Employability for International Students

    VET courses are well known to provide students with critical skills and knowledge to increase their chances of employability. The main distinction between traditional academic courses and VET courses lies between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

    While students going through the academic path spend quite some time studying and researching topics in a wide array of subjects, writing papers and spending hours at the library, students of VET courses spend a significant amount of time learning to develop skills in their chosen field of study. Because students in these institutions spend more time developing hands-on skills that will help them prepare for their future careers, class time tends to be longer than their outside research time. They spend less time researching the theoretical and more time learning the practical.

    But what about employability prospects after VET courses?

    Today’s competition is fierce, and as a result, many students struggle to find work immediately after graduation. This is especially true for international students. And it is quite understandable that it’s difficult for students to study for final exams while also looking for and applying for graduate jobs.

    However, the situation may be different for students who have graduated from a vocational training school. Since the students have already spent hours on practical learning and skill development, they already have the right experience to put on their resumes.

    Moreover, students have an excellent opportunity to build a strong network through vocation-based education. Additionally, students in the programme collaborate more closely with their classmates and trainers on their coursework, developing a closer relationship. This is a significantly better way to network with people compared to traditional academic courses where education is based on individual effort.

    The role of VET courses in improving international students’ employability is so important that, according to NCVER, 65% of graduates had a better employment outcome than 57% of academic course graduates.

    How to Apply for VET Courses at Blue Lotus College

    The application process for studying VET courses at Blue Lotus College is pretty straightforward. Following the following steps will ensure a smooth application process for prospective students:

    • Browse courses, entry requirements, and policies.
    • Select desired course(s).
    • Complete and submit the student application form to, along with the required documents (passport, academic certificates, transcripts, Statement of Purpose).
    • Undergo Language Literacy and Numeracy test and Pre-Training Review (PTR).
    • Await contact from the Blue Lotus admissions team for additional documents/information if needed.
    • Apply online and upload all necessary documents to avoid delays.
    • Receive a letter of offer via email if the application is successful.
    • Carefully read and accept the letter of offer and student agreement.
    • Send the signed offer letter and student agreement to
    • Make the required payment as indicated in the letter of offer after accepting it.
    • Receive a Confirmation of Enrolment letter.
    • Lodge your Student Visa.

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