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Students and test takers are often in a quandary when choosing one test format over another. Nowhere else is this a more quintessential decision than at the point when test takers need to decide on their choice for an English Proficiency test. The dilemma of IELTS or PTE often plagues a lot of potential test takers and quite amusingly reminds me of the opening phrase soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Hamlet since immortalized as “to be or not to be, that is the question,’

The test takers are often in a predicament over whether to sit for IELTS or PTE tests. This is an inevitable comparison as both are English language proficiency tests. As with everything else out there, there will be different schools of thought and diverse perceptions.

While some argue that it is easier to score in one particular type of test over the other, the proponents of the other format are absolutely convinced that it is not the case.

Who would you believe when there seem to be convincing arguments on both sides?

The answer to that would be YOU!

Sit down and think about the format itself. Be honest in your self-assessment as to which design suits your aptitude better. Each of us is wired slightly differently and that is the most distinctive factor that makes us who we are- Individuals.

There is no one size fits all solution, and hence we must weigh our own individual pros and cons which are very specific and distinct. We must then take an informed decision as to which option suits us as an individual, better and make that conscious choice.

If you are facing a similar situation to make that decision, swing past our center and have a chat with our trainers. They can help you with the analysis as well as your decision-making process by giving more objective feedback which could help you understand the obvious, that had been staring at you all along.