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why study diploma in information technology in Australia

Why Study Diploma of Information Technology in Australia ?

The IT industry of Australia is booming today more than ever. Every business is now powered by complex and powerful technology. That is precisely why Information Technology ranked among the top four fields with the strongest growth in student applications, following Architecture and Building, Natural and Physical Sciences, and Society and Culture (reported by the Department of Education).

For aspiring professionals, obtaining a Diploma in Information Technology can provide a solid foundation for pursuing rewarding career options in the field. So, today we will be exploring 5 Career Pathways that demonstrate why an international or domestic student should choose to enroll in a Diploma of Information Technology course in Australia.

1. Pursue a Technical IT Career

Graduates with a Diploma in Information Technology can seek entry-level positions or internships in the field. Common career outcomes include but are not limited to:

● Network Technician

● Network and System Administrator

● Network Security Professional

● Help Desk Professional

According to Job Outlook, these roles are expected to experience strong growth until 2023, with ample opportunities for full-time employment. While formal qualifications are not always required, a diploma can enhance your marketability by providing credible proof of your technical skills.

2. Apply Your Skills Across Other Industries

The opportunities provided by an IT diploma are not limited to the IT industry alone. The skills gained from this qualification can be applied to various professions, including those outside the tech realm.

With the digital revolution impacting all sectors, IT skills are becoming increasingly valuable across industries. Reports suggest that 90% of the Australian workforce will need at least basic IT proficiency in the near future to enhance their employability.

Using your diploma, you can explore careers in finance, healthcare, or education:

● Financial Technology (Fintech):

With a global rise in fintech, Australia has experienced a significant increase in fintech companies. App developers and security engineers are in high demand to ensure efficient and secure online transactions.

● Healthcare:

The healthcare industry heavily relies on advanced technologies, requiring IT experts for hardware and software maintenance, network administration, and data analysis.

● Education:

As online learning becomes more prevalent, IT professionals are needed to design tools, platforms, and mobile apps that create seamless, interactive digital learning experiences.

3. Pursue a Higher Qualification

Graduates with an IT Diploma can choose to further enhance their skills by pursuing a higher qualification. An Advanced Diploma of Information Technology builds upon the foundational competencies covered in the diploma, while also improving process improvement and business skills. This opens up opportunities for senior, managerial IT roles, which are also projected to experience strong employment growth. Specialization in Telecommunications Network Engineering is also another option.

4. Offer Your Skills Online

Besides finding employment or pursuing further education, you can leverage your expertise to contribute to online IT projects or work as a freelancer. Open-source projects provide opportunities to collaborate with experts worldwide, share knowledge, and improve coding skills. Online platforms for app development allow you to put your skills to practice by creating innovative applications.

5. Share Your Knowledge as a Teacher

As someone holding a Diploma in Information Technology, you can choose to become an online or on-site vocational trainer, helping other aspiring professionals acquire essential IT skills. Generally, a qualification in Training and Assessment is required for this role. IT trainers typically cover hardware and software management, system application usage and troubleshooting, and basic word processing and spreadsheet use. This role can also be financially rewarding.

In Conclusion,

If you are a computer enthusiast seeking to head start your career in information technology, a Diploma in IT may be the perfect fit for you. This qualification not only leads to diverse employment opportunities within the industry but also equips you with transferable IT skills applicable to various job roles and professions. Enrolling in this course today would certainly be the right step in your journey as an IT Professional in Australia.