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What a lot of international students require is to know where they fit in with the locals. This is an easy question to answer. You see all the locals are the same as you and me. They may have been born overseas or at least their parents and grandparents were, so the only difference is timing.
At BLC training and internship we are always interested to expose our students to different learning activities, that have a cultural experience. The two photos above show a group of students at the “footy” on a cold wet winter`s day at the MCG. It is a religious experience for many Australians. Go to a game and support a team and you will have 50,000 new friends for the day. Win or lose you will have shared a unique experience.

Religion of all sorts is again an experience for international students to examine.

St. Mary`s Cathedral in the photo above has its doors always open. The same is true for most Christian churches. You don`t need an invitation to visit and no one is likely to try and convert you. The architecture, statues, and stained glass windows represent 150 to 2018 years or more of history.

Feel free to ask questions from anyone in the area, and I am sure they will take the time to give you some of their knowledge. The same applies to food, drinks, entertainment, the bush, the beach, Sunday Markets, visiting the gardens, 201 sports, and much more. The best thing of all is that most things are free.

Our advice is to open your eyes, ask the locals, and have the confidence to explore on your own. Pretty soon you will be the local that the students will be asking.