Find an Agent

We have all heard the stories of how someone out of left field got the job ahead of all the other applicants. How does this happen? Sometimes it`s not what you know but who you know. We can all argue if it is fair or not, but the reality is that it happens.

In fact almost 50% of the jobs are never advertised, or if they are, it is only for appearance.

Let me tell you a story that happened to me. I once saw a job on SEEK, that I was perfect for. I had the right qualifications, ten years of experience in a similar environment, great references, and the right mix of skills and knowledge. I then spent the rest of the day writing a great letter of introduction, and updating my resume, before lodging my application online.

For the next 8 seconds, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, then I received the following reply. “Thank you for your application, unfortunately, we have received a large number of applicants for this role, and will not be proceeding any further. We wish you well with your future endeavors.”

Eight seconds is not long enough to read my name and address let alone my letter, resume and write email. Yet that is what happened. The job was already gone to someone, who knew someone, who got in early. There are many tricks to getting the right job. At BLC, we find that an introduction such as an internship makes the path much easier. My suggestion is to look into how our Job Ready Program can help you.