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Okay, so Christmas is almost here so it is time to pack up the job hunting till next year.


In fact, it is the best time to be hunting. Why? Let`s be logical, this is the time of the year when people go on holiday, so replacement staff is needed. Most businesses do not close down for more than a few days, so the work continues only with fewer staff. Making yourself available even on a temporary basis gives you an opportunity to show what you can do.

Retail Bonanza. Again the Christmas period is when the retailers make most of their money for the year. They need people to help account for that money over this time. Most likely they will be too busy making it and are more than happy to pay someone to keep the accounts up to date.

Seasonal Businesses. Summer is here and it can last up till the end of April. It means there are seasonal businesses in accommodation, food services, resorts, entertainment, and retail that increase their staff over this time. Get your foot in the door and it may become permanent.

At BLC, we find that an introduction such as an internship makes the path much easier. Please look into how our Job Ready Program can help you.

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